BoothCon 2020 Presentation: “You’re a tech business. Know your stuff”

In January 2020, I had the pleasure of presenting some (basic for some, not for others) tech knowledge for photo booth operators in Australia. I was humbly invited to speak at BoothCon by Justin, as a person knowledgeable (I guess) in tech, as well as experienced in photo booths (via my Ready Steady Booth photo booth hire business and Hula Booth photo booth software business).

I’ve known Justin from BoothCon since the very first BoothCon in Brisbane in 2017. He’s a great operator of the show and a great guy in general. As part of attending photo booth industry events, we’ve consumed many a beers across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Las Vegas (for the Photo Booth Expo).

Below are my slides as presented at BoothCon 2020, with many topic being “You’re a tech business Know your stuff”. Or as promoted by “You’re In The Tech Game, Play To Win!”. Presented at BoothCon 2020, Day 1: Tuesday 14th January 2020 at Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre, Eatons Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

One thought on “BoothCon 2020 Presentation: “You’re a tech business. Know your stuff”

  1. Owen has spoken at BoothCon a few times now and he never fails to deliver a tonne of valuable info to attendees. This presentation was very well received and the slides are a great resource for all boother’s so big ups to Owen for making these available here.

    Additionally (and more importantly!) Owen is a great bloke and is always willing to help out making him a valuable local resource to the Aussie Photo Booth Industry.


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