Hi, I’m Owen McCrink

An engineer by trade, I run a software development and technology consulting firm, Digital Basis.

Digital Basis work with non-technical business owners and start-up founders to create and commercialise new tech products.

On the side, I dabble with some side projects, currently:

  • A daily, personalised ASX stock email, Stock Brief.
  • A startup electric vehicle charging network in Victoria, Australia, that is hoping to roll out its first site in 2021, Park n Plug.

Apart from work, my time goes towards:

  • My amazing wife and the two fast growing little men, as well as the extended family.
  • Reading as much as I can (which isn’t much with work and family), see the bookshelf.
  • Some retro gaming, mainly multiplayer Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun on Saturday nights (I occasionally put these up on YouTube: OJM Plays CNC).

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