How many Facebook ads are on your Feed?

Whilst browsing Facebook one evening in May, I noted to my family how there seems to be so many ads on Facebook of late. My mum replied saying she never sees ads. I laughed, and said they will appear as promoted or sponsored posts, and that maybe she is just not noticing.

She was adamant that she was not getting any ads. I checked her Facebook feed on her iPhone, and alas, there were no ads. What the!?

I conducted a quick test on a few different family members, and counted how many ads they were seeing:

Sex Age Range Device Ad Frequency
Male 18-24 Xiaomi Note 2nd post from top, then every 10 posts.
Male 25-34 Nexus 5x 2nd post from top, then every 8 posts.
Female 25-34 iPhone 6 2nd post from top, then every 9 posts.
Male 55-64 iPhone 4s 2nd post from top, then every 12 posts.
Female 55-64 iPhone 5 None!

* Note: All using native Android or iOS Facebook apps.

Looks like females in their 50s and 60s are not a desirable target market for advertisers? Assuming there are a lot more methods advertisers are targeting, but no ads was extremely strange (and pleasant). Perhaps Facebook are conducting one of their experiments.

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