Bulk Resize of Images using Terminal in Mac

I recently tried to bulk resize several hundred large photos in OS X Preview. This repeatedly failed (spinning wheel of death).

In search of a method to resize these images, I found an easy way using Terminal.

  1. Open up your Terminal app (can open Spotlight and search terminal).
    1. cd into the desired image directory (e.g. if they are in your Pictures directory, you may: type “cd Pictures/”).
  2. Enter “sips -Z 1500 *.jpg” (with no “” marks).
  3. Press enter. It will output every .jpg file in the directory you are in into a max of 1500 width or height.

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Used & Refurbished Mobile Phone Market Size in the USA

I recently needed a quick indication of the used and refurbished mobile phone (cell phone) market size in the United States.

To get a quick indication, the easy answer is to check the number and value of transactions on eBay for used and refurbished phones. This would give a very quick estimate of what is actually being sold. Continue reading “Used & Refurbished Mobile Phone Market Size in the USA”

Gmail Icons in Multiple Colours Ideal for use with Fluid App

Gmail icons in multiple colours are useful for multiple reasons, but if you use Fluid App to to create multiple independent Gmail “apps” for all your accounts, it is great to have different colours for each email by using Gmail icons.

Finding high quality app icons in multiple colours took some time, but here is the best result:

Gmail: Remixed icon download.

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Using Audacity to Remove Vocals from Audio for Free

Recently I needed to remove the vocals from a audio file. The instrumental version of this song was not available, and my partner, a school teacher, required the instrumental version for her students to sing to in a school assembly.

After a lot of Googling, and many poor quality suggestions, guides and applications, I finally stumbled upon an easy and free method to strip vocals from a MP3 or other file using the program Audacity.

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Setting up Zopim’s Dashboard as a Native Mac App for Free

I recently started using Zopim as our live chat agent. Zopim has a fantastic web dashboard, but the problem is that there is no dedicated application for Mac. Chatting in a web browser is less than ideal, especially when it can get lost amongst the tabs when browsing.

Zopim does have a guide on how to setup a dedicated app on Windows using Chrome, but they have no such guide for Mac. Here is a solution: using Fluid App to create a dedicated Zopim app for your Mac.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.04.07 am

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