Software Update and Reset for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4

Update to the latest software and reset your GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ or Hero 4 just by using your microSD card. Simply download the file, unzip and copy to your microSD card to update and reset the software.


(files latest as of 5 April 2015).

How to Guide:

  • Download the file for your specific GoPro model (the list of files is above).
  • Insert the microSD card into your computer (using a microSD to SD adaptor or microSD to USB adaptor). NOTE: The microSD card does NOT need to be formatted, you can keep your current recordings on the card.
  • Unzip the file on your computer.
  • Copy the files to the microSD card.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 4, the files need to be in a folder called “UPDATE”. Make sure you copy the folder to the card. It will not work if the files are not in the UPDATE folder.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3, the files need to be in the root directory of the card, NOT in a folder. Copy the files directly to your card, not in a folder. It will not work if the files are in a folder.
  • Eject the microSD card from your computer.
  • Insert the card into your GoPro whilst the camera is off.
  • Turn on the GoPro, it will come up with a screen saying it is updating, and turn itself off when complete.
  • Your GoPro is now reset to with the latest software version and the WiFi password is also reset to “goprohero”


  1. Still the same problem with the folders. When I make a new folder called “UPDATE” with the MACOSX and the UDPATE folder, nothing happens. When I put the MACOSX and the UPDATE folder directly on the SD, it starts the Update, but it still says “Wireles settings update failed” and the WiFi password will not be reseted

        1. It appears it could perhaps be a hardware issue. I have got a GoPro that is refusing to reset the password – the same message you are encountering. Have not experienced this before. It updates software fine, but WiFi no good.

          1. I’ve got the same problem as you Owen. GoPro support said to send it back but it’s out of warranty. Did you ever figure out what the problem was? Is it the hardware?

  2. I’ve copied both folders to my sd card and inserted to the gopro3+ silver whilst off but when I turn it on I get no update, just operation as normal. The other two files will not copy to the sd card Have I missed a step?

  3. I had the same issue with the Wi-Fi update. However this was a brand new Hero3+Silver purchased in an adventure kit. After multiple attempts to update (about 10). Wi-Fi wasn’t even recognised by my iPhone5 or my Galaxy Tablet.

    During the Update, red led flashes normally for a few second, then stats flashing fasted in different patterns, then the blue led flashs along with the red flash fast together, then both stop and the message comes up that wifi failed updatee and to contact GoPro support.
    An hour was spent with support with the end result being please send your camera in.

    This is a brand new camera, so I went back to Amazon support. Ya lot of good that does. Waiting for the seller to send me an RMA.

    1. Hey Frank.

      That sucks. But at least you are getting it fixed on warranty! (guessing you can use credit card dispute or similar if they play hard? But then again, Amazon are pretty good).

      Have had a GoPro Hero 4 Silver with a similar issue: can’t connect it to any device.

      Hope you get yours sorted.

  4. Hi I had update my hero 4 silver to 3.0, possible I downgrade back to 2.0?
    Cause my hero4 silver can’t connect o any device…

  5. This fixed my HERO3+ Silver.
    It was always shutting off when trying to access via USB or WIFI.

    What broke it before was the GOPRO Android App which installed the wrong update for a HERO3 and not HERO3+.

    1. I just installed the update and the app works with the camera as long I don’t follow the instruction telling me to update it with the app. But I still have problems with t he connection when I try to charge the gopro hero 3+ black via the usb cable on my laptop. The light turns on for 5 sec and then it turns off again. If I turn on the camera it shows me the usb-symbol and it looks like it is charging, but it is actually not 🙁

  6. Hi Owen,

    firstly I commend you for replying to the many who were either successful or not.

    ‘Wireless settings update failed’ is Mr. Consistent here in all attempts. Yip I’ve formatted my sd card numerous times [even replaced with a brand spanking new one]. Hard reset H3+B etc

    The gopro functions except ‘wifi – gopro app’ is non existent.

    I even did a firmware downgrade: which updated. Then based on the update did 2 extra steps – whether correct or not… come this far so why not try 🙂

    1) Reformat sd card > copied firmware downgrade UPDATE folder in root of sd card >> inserted sd card into gopro >> started >> it updated
    2) Reformat sd card > copied firmware downgrade UPDATE folder in root of sd card >> went to H3+B_UPDATE_3.11+WIFI — UPDATE folder and copy/pasted: into UPDATE folder on sd card >> inserted sd card into gopro >> started >> it updated

    In any UPDATE scenario ‘Wireless settings update failed’

    So I think I’ll use this H3+B just as a wireless cam connected to a small selfie stick using a Nyrius Pro 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  7. thanks man, u save my gopro.. some man sold me his gopro without giving me the wifi password, when i requesting the password he just said he’s forgot it.

  8. On gopro’s website the latest filware for hero 3+ silver is v03.02, on your site is v3.10. Is this a genuine firmware or a modified one?

    1. Yeah DO NOT TRUST SOME RANDOM FIRMWARE OFF THE INTERNET, PEOPLE. This is a spying-tool if used in the wrong hands. OR CAN INFECT YOUR DEVICES WITH BADUSB (Google it: BADUSB ).

  9. Can I delete all the files (firmware.bin and app.bin) that I pulled to the SD card for the update after the update is complete or do I need to leave those on the SD card?

  10. Hi Owen,
    I tried the same that Dean mentioned in february but my go pro hero3+ (silver) was updated to version 2.0. Did the full update.


  12. I was having issues getting the download to start as well. I noticed on my SD card there were two other folders that I believe were downloaded when I tried to use the App. I deleted everything from my SD card and then added the files for the update. Once I did this and put the SD card in my GoPro Hero3+ SIlver edition it started the update immediately and I was able to update the software and reset the wifi password. Hope that helps.

  13. My Hero 3 Silver will not update no matter what I try 🙁
    Neither the GoPro instructions nor the ones here, it would seem the GoPro installation gets “further” in that it seems to install it, however it keeps saying that it is at V3.0 and requires an update. Also tried it via the smartphone app but it fails when trying to apply the update.
    Frustrating – I hate being beaten by technology lol

    1. GoPro website is run by a bunch of drunken fucktards by the look of it. Fuck GoPro. This site gives the correct instructions for a firmware update. Following the OFFICIAL ones, I was confused – and I’m a highly-experienced IT Engineer. The OFFICIAL instructions are just shit. The site maintainer is a moron, and GoPro are control-freaks (otherwise why bother making people give an email and password, just to download the firmware. My mp3 player manufacturer doesn’t – and they’re the market leader and even though they’re not perfect, they have nowhere near as much bad karma as GoPro have). Oh, but the logo is sexy and the new bloatware software (WHERE is the link to past versions for people who do NOT have Core i3 or Core i5 PCs, for example, it doesn’t HURT, to keep a link to it, GoPro control freaks!) GoPro have made me pissed.

        1. I’ve only ever dealt with one white. I’m pretty sure just used the Silver software. Either way, pretty sure you can’t brick it using the wrong firmware. Good luck!

  14. Can not update my 3+ Black. Cannot download from the GoPro site. Found your site and installed the files on the card. It will not update with the files in the root drive or in a folder

  15. After 1 week waiting for GoPro Support your video did the trick Cannot thank you enough. I am on a month diving vacation and my memories are done on my GoPro.

  16. The hero 3 black update doesn’t seem to work on my camera. Following all instructions, but it just turns on normal. Any suggestions?


  18. From a bunch of attempts I’ve only got one file from the GoPro website. Basically I think they don’t care much about the older versions. Anyway your site had just what I needed, without all the junk. Thanks a heap!

  19. Hello
    inquiring about old 3+ hero works fine owned since new but drops in and out of video when trying to film was going to give it to my son to make vids for school projects but want to make sure it works fine can you help with where to start.

  20. Hi Owen, For some reason, the update for my Hero3 doesn’t work… I’m following every step here. New microsd card, not putting the update files in any folder of the card… When I eject my GoPro and turn it on, I see that it tries to update, but after 2 seconds, its saying “Camera Update Failed” 🙁

    I’m desperate. My trip to China is in 6 days and I can’t make this camera work with the latest mobile app version…

    Please Help me !!

  21. GoPro shame on you. I try download updates from gopro website … no luck, all files don’t work, they not even say files must be in folder “UPDATE”. Without your files I will not setup again my GoPro. Thanks

    1. “they not even say files must be in folder “UPDATE” – EXACTLY, what sheer incompetence from GoPro’s website maintenance and tech support team. Go fuck yourselves with a spiked bat, you assholes at GoPro. Good luck to everyone else trying to deal with wilful ignorance from these assholes. They weren’t born in a mud hut in Africa with constant war and no change at an education, so what’s their fucking excuse for this b.s. then?

  22. Question, update worked for me. I forgot my original Wifi Password. Since the update the wifi name was changed to GoProHero but the password will not work. Is there something else I should be doing? Perhaps I’m entering the wrong password yet again! Please help!!! Thanks!

  23. File worked great. Once I unzipped the file above for gopro 3+ silver, I copied the “Update” folder from within the unzipped file and it worked perfectly after multiple attempts on gopro site. Don’t rename any file, just copy the UPDATE file to camera. Thanks Owen!

  24. Just found out that when you’re updating a White edition, you have to change the names of the update in the silver 3 edition, into WD03.01 instead of .02.

    Very crazy indeed. When I wanted to update with the silverversion I got an error message, but by changing the name my gopro went into update mode.

  25. I followed all of the steps as outlined by other users with no luck. I came across someone who said that you have to create a folder in your SD card labeled UPDATE and drag the update files into that folder on your SD card. Worked like a charm!

  26. for GoPro Hero 3 Black (NOT HERO3+)

    Copy the files to the ROOT of the sdCard. Forget everything about an UPDATE folder.

    I repeat: copy to the ROOT of the sdCard

    The nightmare is finally over!

  27. Hi! I have the Hero 3+ Black model. When I unzip the update on this site I have two folders: UPDATE and _MACOSX. Do I copy both folders to the SD card and then put it into the camera? Thanks

    1. No, the _MACOSX folder is a metadata folder, created by, you guessed it – Mac OSX. Ignore it.

  28. Hi

    I have a GP Hero3+ silver. I’ve already tried every possible step of trying to upgrade the camera. It just doesn’t happen. I copied the upgrade files from your site, from gopros official site but it just doesn’t start.

    I copied the UPDATE folder in the card and inserted it into the camera, but when I switch it on the camera starts like normal instead of the update taking place. I copied just the 4 files as well and tried. It just doesn’t happen. Please help.

  29. So after a frustrating bloody 2 hours you are a saviour!!!!! Thank you so much and I totally appreciate your time on this!! Yeeeew now to play!

  30. I am confused you are stating for Hero 3+ V.3.10 but the GoPro pages says this is the latest:
    Quote: “HERO3+ Silver Edition v03.02 | September 2, 2015”

    Where did you receive a newer one than what GoPro is offering?

  31. Owen,

    You are awesome!! Thank you so very much.

    I took my (3 year old and until now unused) Hero 3+ silver out of its box for the first time and thought to myself, I should update the firmware – Huge mistake.

    2 hours on the phone with Go Pro support yesterday – end result? “Must be a hardware fault” and an offer to return my camera in exchange for a 20% discount on a replacement!

    What occurs to me is that if I was able to find this blog in under 3 hours of looking for a solution and solve my issue, those fuckers at Go Pro must be incompetent at the very least, more likely quite immoral and unethical in their efforts to sell replacement camera’s.

    After this experience with Go Pro, I will never again buy a Go Pro product, which is sad because it appears to be a great device. However, given this experience, I’d buy a Go Pro knock off for 20% of the cost of the Go Pro device from here on in – Never again will I support Go Pro,

  32. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver I am trying to reset the WiFi on – Of course the files from GoPro do not work but these do – sort of… They update the firmware correctly and they reset the WiFi to GoProHero – but my iPhone just spins when trying to connect to the GoProHero WiFi. I never get a password prompt. It’s close but not working yet.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I had a similar experience.

      I left the phone overnight and tried again the following morning and it immediately prompted for the password. I used the “goprohero” password and was then able to connect. I then used the GoPro app to change/reset the SSID and password….

      I am guessing that there is possibly some kind of network caching happening in the phone handset as I’ve seen similar issues with other networks. I’d try leaving it for 12-24 hours and then try to connect once more using the “connect a camera” function in the GoPro app.

  33. Thanks for the tip – I did try after some time and FINALLY was able to connect! The iPhone software then successfully updated back to the latest software and I have WiFi access again!

    Interestingly enough after the first agent I chatted with tried to tell me since my SD card wasn’t on the supported list that was the problem – the second one pointed me here directly. It appears their solution to the issue is to refer to this page.

  34. Hey…. thanks for the updates! But my GoPro3 Silver still not updating… i tryed all 3 of the different versions, but no one was able to update the cam…. damn sh**… its just flashes like a disco…. i turned the wifi off, power off… put the sd card inside…. power on …. camera update failed… mhm :-/ any ideas?

  35. Hey…. thanks for the updates! But my GoPro3 Silver still not updating… i tryed all 3 of the different versions, but no one was able to update the cam…. damn sh**… its just flashes like a disco…. i turned the wifi off, power off… put the sd card inside…. power on …. camera update failed… mhm :-/ any ideas?

  36. Purchased Hero 3 White from a friend and it sat for the last 4 years. going to Maui so trying to connect to phone with blocked wifi password. Tried to update with GoPro support. Bought a sandisk supreme plus, still no luck gets stuck on “updating” with red flashing. Found your page downloaded fresh firmware after re-format of disk, and followed directions and still stuck on updating with flashing red. any suggestions?

  37. You are quite possibly the coolest human being on this late Sunday evening Sir:)-I spent the entire afternoon trying to make this work, with no success, using the GoPro site files, and was able to do it only using your files. Thanks! -C.L.

  38. Does anyone have a firmware version older that 3.x for Hero 3 White? I need to back rev it to work with my DJI Phantom 2 FPV. Thank you.

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