Reset GoPro Hero WiFi Password Using SD Card

GoPro Hero wireless passwords are forgotten frequently. If you do forget your password, it can be a pain to guess it again. Here is a quick way to reset your GoPro wireless password. These files can simply be downloaded and copied to your microSD card to reset your GoPro Hero 3+ or your GoPro Hero 3.


(Note: All GoPro Hero 3 series files are the same). How to Guide:

  • Download the file for your specific GoPro model (the list of files is below).
  • Insert the microSD card into your computer (using a microSD to SD adaptor or microSD to USB adaptor). NOTE: The microSD card does NOT need to be formatted, you can keep your current recordings on the card.
  • Unzip the file on your computer.
  • Copy the files to the microSD card.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3+, the files need to be in a folder called “UPDATE”. Make sure you copy the folder to the card. It will not work if the files are not in the UPDATE folder.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3, the files need to be in the root directory of the card, NOT in a folder. Copy the files directly to your card, not in a folder. It will not work if the files are in a folder.
  • Eject the microSD card from your computer.
  • Insert the card into your GoPro whilst the camera is off.
  • Turn on the GoPro, it will come up with a screen saying it is updating, and turn itself off when complete.
  • Turn your GoPro on and connect to the WiFi using your device.

In the files, the WiFi details are:

  • SSID: GoProHero
  • Password: goprohero

If you want to customise the SSID and password, edit the “” file with Notepad/TextWrangler/similar. In the file you will see two lines with:


– edit to your desired combination.   This guide should help people trying to:

  • Reset GoPro Hero 3 WiFi password when forgot serial number.
  • Reset GoPro Hero 3 WiFi password when lost serial number.
  • Reset GoPro Hero 3 WiFi password when states invalid serial number.
  • Reset GoPro Hero 3 WiFi password when “fake” serial number.
  • Reseting a GoPro Hero 3 Plus (Hero 3+) with any of the issues above.


    1. muchas gracias esta fue la unica solucion que me resulto no podia actualizar y con esta si pude y logre saber la contraseña

  1. I also want to reset my wifi password, but I use the SmartKey WiFi Password Recovery. It works for me. What do you think of it?

  2. Thank you. I spent a lot of time trying to find a simple solution to this problem. This was by far the fastest and easiest way to connect my recently purchased, previously owned Gopro to my phone.

  3. Hi From Portugal.
    Just to say that – YOU SAVED MY DAY!
    thanks for the Huge Help.
    Just got my Gopro Hero 3 + Silver and i was going crazy because the last owner forgot the password!
    Good Job!

      1. You need to unzip it. You do not need to pay for WinZip. If you are in Windows: “To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.”

    1. Copy both files. You can edit the file if you wish to change the wireless password, otherwise it will be the default (SSID GoProHero, password goprohero).

  4. I don’t have an SD adapter and need it fixed this morning, are there any other ways like plugging the camera directly into the computer?

    1. You should be able to perform the steps above, but instead of using a microSD adaptor, put your micro SD card in the GoPro, then used the GoPro USB cable to connect to the computer and copy the required files across. The rest of the steps should be the same.

      1. it won’t let me drag and drop the update right to the camera (Hero 3+). anyone else have this issue? do i really need to seek a microsd reader?

          1. The micro sd card is write protected so you will need to put it in an sd card adaptor and plug that into your PC for it to work.

  5. I want to suck Owen genitals as a sign of how elated I am at being able to resolve this problem. YOU DA F**KING MAN!!!!! F**k me, I HATE GoPro the company. They left me feeling so frustrated. Download the App, download the app they kept f**king saying. F**k your App!

  6. I purchased a gopro hero3+ from a freind. He moved and did not give me password to wifi. I have no p.c. to use to reaet gopro to factory settings…thus i can not use phone with it and cant connect to phone. Camera works…video, pics ect…, but now I am stuck and dont know what to do.

    1. What phone do you have? If you have an Android phone or tablet with a microSD slot, you may be able to download the corresponding zip file, extract on your Android device, and then copy the files required to the microSD. Essentially just use your phone/tablet to copy the files. If you have a phone with iOS, or no microSD card slot, you will need to find someone who does!

      1. Success with the Android method! We are in Japan on ski trip with a Hero 3+ with forgotten password but no PC. But one of us had an Samsung Android phone. I used online unzip tool and copied the contents to UPDATE folder and everything worked as described. Thanks OP. And thanks Google.

  7. What to do when it say ‘wireless settings update failed’ ? ive tried it a few times but it still doesnt work. please help me

    1. I haven’t seen this message before. Perhaps try formatting your microSD card and copy the files again. Are you also using the correct update files for your model?

      1. Yeah, i downloaded the gopro3+ and tried it again and again but nothing changes. it still say “wireless setting update failed”.is there any other way to fix this problem?

        1. Hello Daniel, did you find any solution about your problem? ( ” wireless setting update failed”) because I tried everything and doesn’t work). Thanks.

  8. Thank you! you are the only person Weatherby the GoPro website or YouTube or any other platform that truly explained about keeping it in a folder called update everybody has been unzipping the update folder and then dragging the files into the card thank you so much for clarifying a simple solution!

  9. HELP please! i tried this and my go pro won’t turn back on and my wifi on the go pro won’t stop flashing? what have a done wrong?

  10. i downloaded the gopro3+ and tried it again and again but nothing changes. it still say “wireless setting update failed”

      1. I tried it a number of times and cannot get it to boot from the sd card. Files are unzipped with no changes into a folder called update on the sd. The card has heaps of other folders also. Could this stop it from booting?

        1. Try using a freshly formatted SD card. Also note that just unzipping the file onto the card may not work – as often if you unzip it will put the files in a folder. Just double check the instructions above with regards the folders.

  11. I have a gopro hero 3+ ….I copied the UPDATE folder onto my SD card and when turning on my gopro there was no indication an update was being made. I then reformatted my card and attempted again only to have my gopro read SD ERR. Do you have any thoughts on where I am going wrong?

    1. Haven’t seen this error before. Another commenter said they had an issue, but formatted their sd card and tried again and it worked. Perhaps try this.

  12. I tried connecting my SD card to the computer through a USB connector and it didnt work so I tried connecting it to the computer by having it in my gopro and using the usb cable but not when i plug it in ‘SD card error’ comes up and doesnt even open anymore, when it did open the other day. Why do you think its suddenly not working?

  13. Hey I have the same issue as Grace with the ‘SD ERR’ I’ve tried formatting the card numerous times, still no response though, when copying the files it comes up with update 5,6,7,8,do I copy them all? cheers

  14. You are a life saver! Just bought my second hand GoPro and the owner forgot the wifi password. I spoke to so many people and they said I had no chance of being able to use it! I’ve been searching for a solution for hours and this is the only thing that has worked! Thank you!

  15. Didn’t work the first couple of times i tried but copied the files into the update folder on the sd card again, left it overnight and tried in the morning. It worked!!!! Brilliant!!!!

  16. I keep getting a message that the disk is write protected. I have the camera attached to the computer with the USB cable. It says to remove the write protection? How? HELP!!!!

  17. Thank you very much sir, I thought I would never connect to my gopro wifi again. Simple solution that actually worked. Thank you again and more power to you

  18. My gopro3+ black PC wont detect anymore (3 pc tested). I change sd, format, change usb cabel, battery full, insert usb kabel with/without battery but nothing. With your help i reset wifi password. Thank you! If anybody has a sollution or experiance for not detecting on PC please subscribe.

    1. i had same problem here with my gopro3+ silver edition, it wont detect to any PC i think its was a small problem you better use cardreader to read your SD card and protect your gopro too

  19. I downloaded the and unzipped the files but when I go to drag the files to the micro sd card, the card won’t accept the files? any help?

    1. What are you using to connect the micro SD card to your computer? If using a microSD to SD card adapter, make sure it is not on write protection.

  20. why is mine not updating after copying the file mine is a hero 3+ i think it’s silver not sure between balck and silver but i tried both and nothing happens please help

        1. Possibly try a different SD card. Or format your one. Haven’t seen a GoPro not react to having update files placed in the correct location on the card before – and have reset many GoPros!

          1. Same problem,
            in update folder, unzipped on the desktop, dragged onto my reformatted sd card, out of computer, into gopro hero 3+ and nothing happens, it just won’t read the files :(.

          2. yes, i tried in the UPDATE folder and out.
            This is interesting!
            other forums suggest changing the name of the update file to 11 instead of 10. I tried this and instead of nothing happening it now reads wifi setting update failed. so at least it reads it now.

          3. Solved!
            So it turns out instead of a go pro silver like i thought i had, I have a go pro black. but the colour is still silver. EVERYONE NOTE THE GO PRO BLACK IS ACTUALLY SILVER! 🙂 all fixed now though. thanks a lot!

  21. I tried it several times now. But still “WiFi-Update failed”.
    I have Windows, do I need the “MACOSX”-Folder? When its on the SD-Card, the Update will not start. But it starts, without the Folder…

  22. Hey,
    I have the same problem with a Hero 3+ Black. Even if i copy the files correctly, i still get the “wireless settings update failed”. Basically, it’s like this:
    1. If i copy it without the “UPDATE” folder, just the 2 files in the root of SD, it won’t detect any update, which is normal.
    2.If i copy the whole “UPDATE” folder, it detects it ( which is normal ), but i get the error “”wireless settings update failed”” ( which is NOT normal )

    I’ve seen multiple users had this problem, so can you please investigate and find a fix ?

    1. I’ve also formatted and re-formtted before each attempt, so that won’t work either, still getting the same error.

  23. thank you very very very very much. ive been downloading and updating many many times but its a failed. but your link to the update is very simple and it takes me only a few SECONDS to download and my wifi is FIXED and working now..thank you again

  24. Thank you bro. After searching for a video on youtube and tried many times updating my hero3+ silver wifi it failed and i come accross to your blog and i simply click on the link and in seconds my wifi is working on my phone. More power and thank you again

  25. I did it and when I put on the go pro it didn’t show me the updating signal, any other way? Anything else I can do?

  26. Your advise worked for me thanks but I think the problem has possibly been due to a possible app upgrade as my app has not asked for a password in the past except maybe when I first downloaded it to my mobile devices when it first came out over a year ago

  27. Why when i insert the memory card update doesn’t show up..please help
    I followed the instructions carefully and step by step..

  28. Hello,
    can you please help me? im trying to change the Wifi password. I followed every step, but it didnt work. I have tried to add the files to the folders several times, but everytime I start the Go pro, nothing happens? I unpacked the file and put it in a folder who I called Update. And also put the files in the folders who where already there called Update. But nothing seems to work? Am i doing it the wrong way?

    Greetings Lynnsey

    1. Thanks it works! I thought i have to add the whole folder, in stead of only the folder Update. So now it works good! thanks for the information!!! you`re my hero!

  29. Hey, man.
    I just want to thank you for this files.
    I forgot the wi-fi password that I had created when I first turn the gopro on.
    I was trying to get this files from Gopro support website, but the website is not working. I don’t know if somebody else had the same problem, but it’s impossible to get this files from there. Anyway, thanks a lot, man. Great help!

  30. Thanks man!

    Guys, although I thought by gopro 3+ is silver, but the files for Black one worked like a charm. Therefore, incase silver doesnt work, try black.

  31. Hi dude, i have a computer but i dont have an internet conection for download the file, so i used android for download the file but its not work.
    I can’t download the file in hero3+ silver..
    Can you fix it??

  32. hello, this didn’t not work for me.. I’m using a mac and there was no unzip or anything so i just copied the files over. once i put the sd card into the go pro it updated just fine and now the wifi name has been changed to goprohero, but the app won’t let me use the password goprohero, if i make any changes to the file (ssid or wifi password) the update will fail. do i just need to get to a windows to use notes to make this work?

    1. Hi Adam. Should work fine on a Mac, these zips were created on a Mac. So the SSID reset to goprohero, but the password didn’t work? Maybe try setting the SSID as “test” and password as “testtest” or similar to see if it works..

      1. Still no luck. I’ve tried changing the ssid and password to a variety of things and test, testtest, like you suggested but it seems if I change anything in the the update will fail.

        When I dl the update I just open the folder and double click the file and change it that way… I don’t have text wrangler and obviously I don’t have notes on my mac… could that be the problem?

        1. Ah bugger. Is the SSID updating? I haven’t experienced this before, or heard from other users. It usually just works, or doesn’t work (i.e. won’t apply the reset). Have you tried updating per my other post?

  33. Mille merci pour ce tuto, j’ai pu remettre a jour mon mot de passe.
    C’est tellement compliqué de trouvé ça sur les forum, y compris le site officiel!!!!
    Encore merci.

  34. OMG. After messing around on the official GoPro site for an hour, and getting totally frustrated, you sorted it. Thankyou!!!!! Just could not get the text edit option to work on the ini file, as it would not save as an INI file again?

  35. Legend ! I must’ve tried 20 different websites, including Gopro (which 404’d me). Yours was the first to mention that you have to copy the update folder, not just the files. Worked first time !

  36. Hi. Please help! I have tried this for hours and it will not work for me?!
    No matter what I do, when turn the GoPro back on after doing all the steps it will not recognise anything and does not try even try to update?!!?!?
    Please help asap. Thank you!!

  37. Great! The files from the official support site did not work for my GoPro 3+ Black – file name support.cmd was wrong – yours do fine now (support.11.txt)- thanks so much and have a great New Year!

  38. Hi. i just buy Gopro hero 3 bt 2nd hand now I trying to connect to my phone have a password for the gopro bt she forgets whay is the password now i cant connect my phone I trying to riset bt i cant dnt have big s.d card how can i rist this to change name and password

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