Bulk Resize of Images using Terminal in Mac

I recently tried to bulk resize several hundred large photos in OS X Preview. This repeatedly failed (spinning wheel of death).

In search of a method to resize these images, I found an easy way using Terminal.

  1. Open up your Terminal app (can open Spotlight and search terminal).
    1. cd into the desired image directory (e.g. if they are in your Pictures directory, you may: type “cd Pictures/”).
  2. Enter “sips -Z 1500 *.jpg” (with no “” marks).
  3. Press enter. It will output every .jpg file in the directory you are in into a max of 1500 width or height.


  • Change the “1500” to the max resolution you want.
  • It keeps the aspect ratio (-Z is the command for keeping aspect ratio).
  • Keep a back up of the full resolution images!


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