Pureprofile (ASX:PPL) Analysis

This is my first public post on a stock purchase of mine and why I like it. This post is likely wrong, probably has incorrect facts and dodgy analysis. This is produced from my scratchy notes and quick numbers. This post is not financial advice. Do your own research. 🚀🌚 The Business Pureprofile is aContinue reading “Pureprofile (ASX:PPL) Analysis”

Simple Business Activity Statement (BAS) Form Calculator

I’ve found that if you have a small business that is registered for GST, and one that is new, you often don’t have your accounting package set up yet (e.g. Xero). With minimal transactions and no complex activities, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to pay for the accounting package until it is really needed. ThenContinue reading “Simple Business Activity Statement (BAS) Form Calculator”

BoothCon 2020 Presentation: “You’re a tech business. Know your stuff”

In January 2020, I had the pleasure of presenting some (basic for some, not for others) tech knowledge for photo booth operators in Australia. I was humbly invited to speak at BoothCon by Justin, as a person knowledgeable (I guess) in tech, as well as experienced in photo booths (via my Ready Steady Booth photoContinue reading “BoothCon 2020 Presentation: “You’re a tech business. Know your stuff””

Even when Self Driving cars are here, they need to be legal

A quick review of full self driving cars and getting them made legal. My focus in on Victoria, Australia, but assume all countries and states will have similar issues. Written due to some Tweetsand thought I’d write this down for my future reference and to explain in a little more detail my point of view.Continue reading “Even when Self Driving cars are here, they need to be legal”

8 Great Years with Virgin Australia (vale VA)

A quick reflection of 8+ amazing years flying Virgin Australia now that they have entered voluntary administration (well – likely to not announced to market at time of writing in VA as of the morning of 21/4/20 they are). VA have been my primary airline for domestic and US trips for the last 8 years.Continue reading “8 Great Years with Virgin Australia (vale VA)”

Trip Notes on Qantas A380 First Class Los Angeles to Melbourne (QF94 LAX-MEL)

Flight Details Airline: Qantas Aircraft: Airbus A380 (refurbished) Class: First Seat: 5A Flight Number: QF94 (Los Angeles to Melbourne – LAX-MEL) Scheduled Departure: 10.50pm Sunday 1st March 2020 Actual Departure: 9.27am Monday 2nd March 2020 Preamble I was scheduled to be flying on QF94 in business class on the evening of Sunday 1st March 2020Continue reading “Trip Notes on Qantas A380 First Class Los Angeles to Melbourne (QF94 LAX-MEL)”

How Virgin Australia handled my cancelled domestic flight

On Wednesday 15th January 2020, I was on the scheduled on the 7.55pm flight from Brisbane to Melbourne after attending the BoothCon conference. Unfortunately as we arrived at the airport, the flight had been delayed by just under 4 hours for a new departure time of 11.46pm and a 3.06am arrival. Our check in agentContinue reading “How Virgin Australia handled my cancelled domestic flight”