Discount? Get Out

This is probably more related to consulting or agency type businesses, but likely related to any service or software businesses too.

A big red flag for us is a potential client who right away is trying to get a discount or haggle on price.

Clients that are so focused on the price, and not the result or outcome, always seem to be the ones that down the road cause the biggest problems.

The problems could be late payment, demanding extra services that were not a part of a scope or agreement, or clogging up the support line with frivolous and snarky comments.

It seems clients that are happy to pay full rate and take your quote as the price, value the result, without the problems.

In saying that, everyone loves a good discount, especially for consumer type products which are often discounted with coupons or similar.

But wanting to get a great accountant? Haggling is probably just going to put them off. And really, the fees should justify the outcomes.

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