Done is Better Than Perfect

It seems that human nature is to sit on something until it is perfect.

This is experienced from a young age. Throughout school, you left an assignment until the last minute to submit. You reviewed and reviewed it before sending it in to try and make sure you got the best grade and had the most time to get it perfect.

The real word, the business world, is not like this.

There is so much that needs to be done in your business, or in your job, that being perfect is not the best path forward. It seems the Pareto principle comes into this: spend 20% of the time to get something 80% of the way there.

I remember sitting on many blog posts to be published, many emails or newsletters to be sent, or documents to be finalised. Sat on them for too long, before deciding that it was good enough to send or save.

Was this the best use of time? No. I should have said “done”, pulled the trigger and moved onto the next task.

Done is better than perfect. Get it out the door. Don’t fret on the small things too much. A typo or an average bit of wording on an email or blog post or whatever doesn’t really matter. It can be fixed later, or not at all.

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