Caffeine App Icon Replacement

Caffeine, a free app (or on the Mac App Store), allows you to prevent your Mac from going to sleep. A very handy when you are stepping away from your MacBook and don’t want to disconnect from downloads, chats, or similar.

The problem is that the icon looks terrible, especially on a Retina display. Luckily, it is simple to replace!

  1. Download the new icons.
  2. Make sure Caffeine is closed (quit the app).
  3. Open Finder, and go to your applications folder (usually under favorites on the left).
  4. Right click “Caffeine” and click “Show Package Contents”.
  5. Go into Contents folder, then into Resources folder.
  6. From the zip file in Step 1, copy the new “active.png”, “inactive.png”, “highlightactive.png” & “highlighted.png” that you downloaded.
  7. Paste and replace the new files into the Resources folder. When you paste the files, a popup saying this will appear: “An item named “xyz.png” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re moving?” – press Replace for all the four png files. This step may also prompt you for your admin password as you are editing package contents files (this is fine, we are just replacing the images).
  8. Open Caffeine.
  9. Enjoy the new icons.

Here is the finished product:

New Caffeine App icon - Off New Caffeine App icon - On

Thanks to EatingCake.

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