Setting up Zopim’s Dashboard as a Native Mac App for Free

I recently started using Zopim as our live chat agent. Zopim has a fantastic web dashboard, but the problem is that there is no dedicated application for Mac. Chatting in a web browser is less than ideal, especially when it can get lost amongst the tabs when browsing.

Zopim does have a guide on how to setup a dedicated app on Windows using Chrome, but they have no such guide for Mac. Here is a solution: using Fluid App to create a dedicated Zopim app for your Mac.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.04.07 am

Steps Followed:

  1. Download and Install Fluid. You only need the free version of Fluid for a basic Zopim app.
  2. Open Fluid, enter URL: “”, Name: Zopim, Icon: zopim-icon.png (save this icon and select), Press Create.
  3. Open the newly created Zopim App and Login. You now have a Zopim App to chat to your visitors.
    Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.02.30 am
  4. (Optional Extra): If you want to use multiple Zopim dashboards at a time for different accounts, you can use a paid version of Fluid which allows for separate cookie storage (different logins). You can name each app such as “Zopim – Site 1”, “Zopim – Site 2”, etc. The extra step is when opening Zopim, select Preferences, go into Security Preferences, and select “Cookie Storage: Separate from Safari”. You can now login into each Zopim app with a different account.

This should make using Zopim a lot easier on your Mac. If you have any setup issues, please comment below.

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